Keynotes: Communication

Communication, Media & Presentation Skills

So You Have to Make a Speech? Piece of Cake!

What Actors Know (and You Can Learn) about Public Speaking. Learn how to use your voice, body and brain to make public speaking fun (Yes, you read this right) and effective. »Testimonials

Life on the Voiceover List

Randye will speak to your organization about any aspect of the Voiceover business – what it’s like, what skills are used, how it works. She is a renowned international Voice Talent and Coach, heard in everything from commercials to medical tutorials to children’s books. »Testimonial

Stop Stress in its Tracks!

Preventing Meltdowns with Mindfulness. Communication skills that Make a difference at work and home. »Testimonials

Live and In Person: Why Face to Face Communication Still Matters

What we’re missing in this age of instant but surface communication, and how to bring people – and happiness – back into your life, at work or play. »Testimonial

Break the Advertising Spell

How to See Past the Tricks and Decide for Yourself. Discover your own truth beneath the marketing messages that tell us we’re never good enough – unless we buy whatever they’re selling.