Testimonials: Stop Stress in its Tracks!

Communication Skills that Make a Difference at Work and Home

Comments from attendees, ACUA and Ct. Podiatric Association:

“It was informative and gave me a different perspective when looking at stressful situations. Thank you for your time and help!”

Dr. Dan Davis, Podiatrist

“Very important and informative – and funny!”

Medical Assistant

“Inner office conflict is one of my biggest hurdles. I came away with some food for thought. Thank you.”

Office Manager

“Presentation was absolutely relevant to the workplace, and even more so to “life” which carries through to the workplace. Definitely increased my awareness of aspects of stress and provided tools to practice with. Will think about my reaction to have better outcomes!”

Office Manager

“It has helped me to be aware of not only myself but also of other people and what they may be going through. I really enjoyed listening to you; you taught me a great deal that will help me in both my work and in personal life. My husband will appreciate it!”

Medical Assistant

“I really enjoyed your speech. I learned a lot of important things, especially how to deal with different situations and how to have total control of myself.” ”