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What Families Need when Mental Illness Strikes

“Your Story brought hope and inspiration to all the individuals there and proved to everyone how critical family participation is in a person’s journey to recovery.”

Fiona Jones, Kennedy Center Inc.

“Thank you for being our featured guest speaker. Your story was informative, moving and thought provoking. I know there are many families who will learn from your courageous story and be better able to support and advocate for their children after reading about your experiences.”

Mary Guerrera, Exec. Director, Fellowship Place (New Haven)

“Thank YOU! It was a wonderful event and everyone was captivated by you and by your story.”

Michelle Sawyer, Laurel House

Fellowship Place was very satisfied with everything …the content was spot on with what they were trying to accomplish with the event. Everyone that was in attendance got a lot out of it! ”

Dan Dorwin, Cubed Squared