Testimonials: Ben Behind His Voices — Author/Book Reading Events

“Your reading last night at RJ Julia was very moving. You have such an inviting, unpretentious presence. And the stories you told sent shivers up my spine and some tears, as well. I can’t wait to read the entire book.”

Alice Stitelman, Stitelman Associates

“Thank you for the wonderful book talk at Fairfield Library on Thursday. It was moving and hopeful and delivered with so much grace. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback.I hope this book goes on to help many more families struggling with mental illness–and to enlighten those who aren’t.”

Rebecca Fletcher

“Your presentation at Barnes & Noble was terrific. The right mix of humor even in the face of devastation – and addressing the need for all who have a family member suffering from mental illness (or any illness) to have support, to be educated, and to find reasons to remain hopeful did, I’m sure, hit home for many and are so essential for audiences to hear. BRAVO!”

L.A. Shapiro

“Thank you for such a moving presentation about your story and the story of so many others. It must be gratifying to offer help to others as we witnessed during the Q&A.”

Nicole Cignoli, Trumbull Library

“I was at your reading tonight at the Ridgefield Public Library and I must say “Well done, sensitive and informative.” I have always admired your strength, fortitude and talent. A consummate communicator, you have touched and helped many people with your story. You offer hope, compassion and understanding to those who are embroiled in similar circumstances and that is a very special gift indeed.”

Peter Grobe, Photographer