Ready to Perform

A short bio about Randye Kaye

Randye’s love of performing began in summer camp, where sports seemed like torture and the “drama building” was a magical place. It was cemented by her parents’ collection of Broadway Cast albums, and she still knows all the words to Professor Harold Hill’s rap, “You Got Trouble.” She worked her way through college with her guitar, singing original and cover songs in eclectic coffee houses, then returned to her theatre roots for a decade of professional work in NYC, Los Angeles, and on tour.

Lotsa good stories here, from living in Beckley, West Virginia in a house with a haunted toilet (regional theatre gig), to tap dancing with Ann Miller (National Tour), to making an entrance from a magician’s “empty” Pyrex box and then singing “Could it be Magic” as the opening number of an act. Yeah. No kidding.

All that was B.C. (Before Children), of course. Since becoming a wife and parent, Randye has kept her career choices closer to home in Connecticut and NYC. Radio personality, theatre actress/singer, voice talent and coach, film/TV, Cabaret performer, professional MC – it all adds up to mortgage payments, continued professional growth, and a happy family. Her kids grew up backstage in regional theatres, and learned how to stay completely silent when the “On Air” sign was lit in broadcast and production studios. And ate lots of macaroni and cheese.

Now, it’s work in radio (currently local NPR-affiliate filling in for all shifts), audiobook narration (approaching 200 titles), theatre (mostly as Equity Guest Artist), voiceovers, and the occasional small role on camera.

Want more details? Credits and stuff like that are found in Randye’s resume – just click on the links below.