Randye Kaye Author: About

A Woman of Words

Randye clearly loves to speak, but the written word communicates experiences and ideas in a different, and sometimes more personal, way. Randye began writing as a columnist in high school, continued as a song lyricist, and has published articles and blogs on mental health, communication and presentation skills, voice-over techniques and experiences, and positive psychology.

Randye’s book, Ben Behind His Voices: One Family’s Journey from the Chaos of Schizophrenia to Hope (Rowman and Littlefield, publishers) is a page-turning narrative of one family’s challenging experience when their firstborn is gradually struck down by schizophrenia – and how they learned to love and support him throughout his eventual steps to recovery. This “memoir that reads like a riveting novel” will inspire and educate any family going through hard times, especially coping with mental illness in a loved one.

This book is designed to increase understanding, foster respect, and reduce stigma for those diagnosed with mental illness, and for their families. By sharing this story, Randye hopes to encourage others to feel less isolated, and have the courage to speak up as well.

Randye also writes an award-winning blog (Silver Web Health Award) on Mental Health and Family: Healthyplace.com, Mental Illness in the Family.

She blogs about Voice-Over Stuff when the mood strikes, at Life on the Voiceover List too – and is working on her next book, Happier Made Simple: Straight Talk for Successful Living