Live and In Person

Speaker / Event Host / MC

Randye’s signature program, Happier Made Simple. can be presented as a keynote, breakout, or multi-session workshop, to fit your event or educational goals.

Happier Made Simple BREATHE elements: (each can also be a stand-alone keynote or session)

Being (AKA Mindfulness): Be Here Now
Reality (AKA Acceptance): It Is What It Is.
Engagement (AKA Human Connection): We’re All Connected
Appreciation (AKA Gratitude): This Is Good.
Trust (AKA Faith): All Will Be Well
Humor (AKA Perspective): Isn’t That Interesting?
Esteem (AKA Self-Love, Self-Care): Whatever Happens, I’ll Handle It Somehow.

and then summarized with bonus tips on Communication and Taking Action.

With years of experience as a morning radio personality and actress, Randye also knows how to think on her feet and help your event go smoothly and happily as live host, MC, or announcer. She also provides acclaimed motivational keynotes, leads fun and interactive workshops (self-esteem, happiness, communication, presentation skills, media awareness), and is a really fun and productive live auctioneer.

On the more serious side, Randye speaks frequently to groups of doctors, nurses, medical students, families, providers, and legislators regarding the family experience when mental illness hits. She is a published author, Family-to-Family teacher/trainer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and former diversity trainer with the Anti-Defamation League.

Randye uses her vast experience in radio, improvisational acting, voiceover and theatre to teach and inspire in educational and corporate environments.

Click on the links for a list of some keynote topics, photos, comments from past events, and stuff like that. And – in case you were wondering – she sings, too! She’s happy to work with your event band if you need that special touch.

E-mail Randye to ask about availability for your event, pose a question, or if you want to know more!