Keynotes: Happier Made Simple

Straight Talk for Successful Living

When did happiness get so complicated?

From Randye’s next book, Happier Made Simple, an interactive and fun program to lift your life to greater success with seven simple phrases. (Mom was right. Use your words!)


Rave Reviews for Happiness

“Randye is one of the rare individuals who not is able to create the essence of wisdom by creating the talk called: “Happier Made Simple,” but also has the extraordinary ability to command the audience as well. She is motivating as well as captivating and is one of the best speakers I have ever heard on this subject. Her message no only hits the target but also aims at the heart of the listener and with persuasive precision.”

Lionel Ketchian , Founder of the Happiness Clubs ::

“Your presentation was meaningful, captivating, interactive and instructive. I think you got people to step back and assess their lives and their good fortunes despite any hardships they might have to deal with. I have only heard positive responses to the talk…and I think people are breathing more!!!”

Wendy Bloch, Kennedy Center