Keynotes: Mental Health

Author / Book Reading Events

Ben Behind His Voices

Randye (also narrator of the award-winning audiobook of Ben Behind His Voices) speaks at libraries, bookstores, parenting events and via phone or Skype to book clubs of ten or more as schedule permits. »Testimonials

Mental Illness and Recovery

Advocacy, Empathy and Inspiration

SEARCH: What Families Need when Mental Illness Strikes

SEARCH stands for Support, Education, Acceptance, Resilience, Communication Skills, and Hope/ Humor. »Testimonials

Engaging Family Members in Recovery Partnership

Top Ten Steps. »Testimonials

Change Your Mind: Reducing Mental Illness Stigma through Understanding

Coming soon, Mount Union University in Ohio.

Mental Illness and Your Congregation: How You Can Help the Silently Suffering Families

Rabbis, Pastors, and other faith leaders: one in four families is dealing with a major mental illness and they may feel afraid or ashamed to reach out. How you can help them. »Testimonial

Creating Hope, Celebrating Potential

Keynote Speaker, Kennedy Center Inc Annual Awards Dinner – Bridgeport CT »Testimonial

The Power of Purpose

How Employment Strengthens the Recovery Process in Mental Health »Testimonial

Let’s Talk About It

How Telling Your Story Can Make an Impact and Help Create Change »Testimonial

Look Up from the Paperwork

Seven Ways Mental Healthcare Professionals can make a Personal Difference »Testimonials

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